HVAC Contractors: Tips On How To Keep Your Air Conditioner In Top Shape

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If you are like most homeowners, you want your air conditioner to be always in its top shape. The cool thing is that there are plenty of things you can do to ensure that your unit performs at its best. Some of these things include:

Get rid of any accumulated dirt and debris

It’s common for dirt and debris to build up in either the indoor or outdoor unit. When the two are lodged into your air conditioner, they prevent efficient air flow. This not only prevents the unit from effectively cooling your house, HVAC contractors report that it also results in the air conditioner working harder than it should. Just like any other overworked unit, the air conditioner consumes more energy than it should.

The unit also tends to get damaged fast due to the overworking. To keep your unit in top shape, clean both the indoor and outdoor units of the air conditioner before the beginning of the cooling season. You can clean the unit on your own, but for ideal results, it is always wise to hire a contractor to help you out.

Watch how you use the thermostat

The thermostat allows you to easily control the temperature in your house without your direct involvement. According to AC technicians, how you use the thermostat has a significant impact on how long the air conditioner lasts and how efficient it runs. Some people misuse the thermostat which results to problems. When it’s too hot, some homeowners turn the thermostat too low with the impression that the thermostat will cool the house fast. Unfortunately, it doesn’t. In fact, this results in problems.

When you turn the thermostat too low, you make the air conditioner work too hard than it should. As mentioned, this translates to high electricity bills. It also tends to reduce the lifespan of the air conditioner as it works more than it should.

To keep your air conditioner in top shape, use the thermostat correctly. If it’s your first time using the thermostat, you don’t have to worry as there are plenty of online and offline resources you can use to get all the information you need.


These are some of the simple tips you can use to keep your air conditioner in top shape. You should remember that you need to undertake AC tune-up regularly. This is where you hire a reputable HVAC company to inspect your unit and fix any problems it might have.

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HVAC Company: Tips On How To Run Your Air Conditioner

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Although, the air conditioner is one of the most common appliances in most homes, most homeowners don’t know how to use it properly. To help you out, here are tips recommended by HVAC contractors on how to run your AC.

Keep the AC clean

There is no way your air conditioner will run efficiently when it’s dirty. At least once a month, inspect the air filters and if dirty, clean them. By cleaning the air filter, you get rid of any dust and debris thus your air conditioner doesn’t work harder than it should.

In addition to cleaning the air filter, you should also inspect both the indoor and outdoor units of the appliance and clean them if dirty. You can clean the device on your own if you have the skills but if you haven’t done it before or you don’t have time to do it, let an experienced AC contractor handle the task.

Avoid changing the thermostat

Out of boredom or to keep themselves more comfortable, some homeowners adjust their thermostats more regularly than they should. Doing this is not only harmful to the thermostat, but it also makes the air conditioner consume more energy than it should. The tactic has also been shown to lead to fluctuating temperatures that isn’t right for your comfort.

To avoid changing the thermostat now and then, set the air conditioner to the warmest temperature that you can live with and leave it there. The best way of doing it is placing it as close to the outdoor temperature as possible.

Let it rest

During the cold months of the year, AC technicians advise that you give your cooling unit some rest by switching it off. When you do this you not only save energy, you also lengthen the life of the unit. Remember that when the cooling season begins, you should have an experienced professional inspect it and fix any problems it might be having.

Strive for high-efficiency levels

For peace of mind, keep your air conditioner at peak performance. There are many ways in which you can do this. One of the ways is regularly inspecting the unit and fixing any issues it might be having. You should also fix even the most minor issues as soon as they happen.

If your air conditioner is old or is always developing problems, consider replacing it with a newer and better unit. As rule of thumb, ensure that the new unit is installed by a reputable HVAC company.

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AC Contractors: AC Rules You Should Follow

ac contractors

To make your home comfortable you need to install an air conditioner. To have a good time with the appliance you need to observe a set of rules. These rules include:

Install a unit of the right cooling capacity

There are many types of air conditioners with different cooling capabilities. You should install a unit with the right cooling capacities. Before heading to the stores, you should engage AC contractors to help you choose the right unit for your home. To tell the right unit you need to consider the size of the house, the insulation, and other relevant factors.

Some people make the mistake of buying a large air conditioner thinking that it will give them the best results. A large unit isn’t the solution. In addition to the large AC consuming a lot of power, it also tends to overcool the house thus making your house uncomfortable to live in. For ideal results, buy a unit of the right size.

Properly install the air conditioner

How you install the air conditioner has a great impact on how effectively it works. For optimum results, have the unit installed by a certified HVAC company. The company should install the unit in a shaded location. The unit should also be in an unobstructed area. This is to allow maximum removal of the heated air.

Don’t leave the air conditioner on all the time

You should keep the air conditioner on for your house to be cool but this doesn’t mean that you should leave it on all the time. To save energy, put the unit off when you are going out of the house or at night when you don’t need the cool air. Putting the air conditioner off during the unnecessary times also increases its lifespan.

At the same time, you should avoid putting off the air conditioner all the time as you will cause problems to the internals. It’s also common for mold to grow in an unused unit. When you aren’t in the house for month or so, set the air conditioner to start itself on and off at specific times of the day.


These are rules to consider when you are looking to having a good time with your air conditioner. You should regularly undertake AC tune-up to keep your unit in top notch condition. For ideal results, ensure that the tune up is done by an expert.

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AC Repair: Tips On How To Keep Your Air Conditioner In Top Shape

ac repair

If you have an air conditioner, you need to do the right things to keep it in great shape and functioning optimally. To help you out, here are some of the things recommended by AC repair professionals on what you should do:

Tune up the air conditioner

For your AC to function optimally for long, you need to tune it up. All you need to do is hire an AC professional who will inspect the unit and fix any areas that need attention. The professional should also lubricate the unit and clean it if dirty. For ideal results, hire an AC tune-up professional at least once every year.

When you regularly tune up your appliance, the unit not only functions optimally, it also gives you peace of mind as you don’t have to worry about it grinding to a halt in the middle of the night.

Repair the AC as soon as possible

Even with the best care, it’s common for the air conditioner to develop problems. When problems come about, you shouldn’t wait for them to enlarge for you to fix them. Some homeowners make the mistake of waiting for the air conditioner to stop working for them to hire a repair professional. This is wrong.

When you wait for the unit to develop larger problems, you end up paying a lot of money to fix it. A unit that runs with a problem also tends to consume a lot of energy than its necessary. The best way of going about it is fixing the problem as soon as you notice it. Regardless of how minor the issue is, hire an AC contractor to fix it as soon as you see it.

Replace the air filters

Air filters determine the quality of air that you inhale. They also significantly affect the efficiency of the air conditioner. For your unit to run efficiently, replace the air filters at least once every month. By doing this, you ensure that your air conditioner runs efficiently thus saving you a lot of money. A unit with clean air filters also allows fresh air into the house.


These are some of the things you should do to have a great experience with your air conditioner. If there is a problem with your unit, hire the most experienced HVAC contractor in your area to fix it. Also, remember to clean your unit regularly. You can do it on your own or hire a professional to help you out.

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AC Contractors: All About AC Problems

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We are in the cooling season. This means that you are using your air conditioner more regularly. Just like any other appliance that is in regular use, it’s common for the air conditioner to develop problems now and then.  According to AC contractors, there are some minor problems that you can easily fix on your own, and there are others that require the expertise of an experienced professional.

Typical AC problems and their solutions

Some of the most common problems include:

Water spilling from the inside unit: Water will spill out of the inside unit when the drain line is clogged. A clogged drain line results from the buildup of algae inside the drain line. If you have the skills, you can fix this problem on your own but if you are inexperienced, hire a professional to help you out. If the algae build up is minor, buy chemical disinfectants from your local stores. The disinfectant will get rid of the algae thus leaving your drain line in perfect shape.

Failure of the unit to run: In almost all situations, your air conditioner will fail to run if it isn’t receiving any power. To prevent damage, all ACs are protected by a circuit breaker that can trip anytime. If you have put your unit on and it isn’t running, the problem might be with the circuit breaker. Take a look at it and raise it if it has dropped. If the air conditioner is receiving power, but it isn’t working, hire an HVAC technician to give it a look.

Steam from the outdoor unit: This is common at the beginning of the cooling season. Since you haven’t been using the unit during winter, the outdoor coils tend to ice-up. When you put the air conditioner on, the coils start defrosting thus the steam. When you see the steam, you shouldn’t panic as it will fade after some time.

How to prevent the problems from happening

To avoid fixing the problems, you should keep them from happening in the first place. The easiest way of doing it is undertaking AC inspection before you begin the cooling season. Hire an AC tune-up contractor who will inspect all areas of the unit and fix any faulty parts that might cause problems in the future. You also need to maintain the unit properly during the cooling season. You should replace the air filters, clean the outdoor coils among many other things.

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HVAC Company: How To Inspect Indoor And Outdoor Units

hvac companyAs a homeowner who has stayed with an air conditioner for a long time, you know that you need to undertake AC inspection regularly. You can inspect the unit on your own or hire an HVAC company to help out. Whichever way you go about it, you need to do it correctly. When checking the unit, you should pay attention to two prime areas: the indoor and outdoor units.

Inspecting the outdoor AC unit

Many homeowners forget giving attention to this unit as it’s located on the outside of the house—this shouldn’t be you. You should begin the inspection by turning off the air conditioner and removing any winter covers or condenser shields that might be there. If there are any leaves or debris in your vents, you should remove them.

Even if you regularly clean the condensers, it’s common for them to be dirty. To keep your air conditioner in excellent working condition, you should clean the air conditioner if you are confident in your skills. You should note that when improperly done, the AC unit can hurt you thus you should be very cautious.

While still outdoors, you should inspect the insulation of the pipes and replace the damaged ones. If you have to replace some of the pipes, you should avoid adding insulation to the smaller line as doing so can cause damage to the system. Finally, take a look at the concrete pad and ensure that its level. If it isn’t, or damaged, consider hiring a masonry contractor to fix it.

Inspecting the indoor unit

The indoor unit has many areas that you should pay attention to. One of the areas to consider is the filter. The air filter determines the air quality in the house. It also determines the efficiency of the air conditioner. You should remove it and if dirty, clean it. It’s common to find that the filter is too dirty or damaged. In such a scenario you should replace it. Other areas that you should pay attention to include: condensate reservoir, condensate lines, vacuum, supply and return vents, bathroom and ceiling fans.


These are tips on how to inspect the outdoor and indoor units of your air conditioner. You can check the unit on your own, but for ideal results, it’s always wise to hire HVAC contractors to help you out. The contractors are trained professionals thus they will most likely provide you with a better service.

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AC Contractors: Tips On How To Keep Your Air Conditioner In Top Shape

ac contractors

Now that we are in the cooling season, you need to keep your air conditioner in its best form. The cool thing is that there are some tips recommended by AC contractors on how to do it. Some of these tips include:

Lubricate your AC

The air conditioner has some moving parts such as the fan and blower motors. To reduce friction and noise, you need to oil them on a regular basis. You can do the work by yourself but if you don’t have the time or you don’t trust your skills hire an AC technician to help you out. For ideal results, you should use the lubricants recommended by the air conditioner manufacturer.

Clean the unit

Just like any other appliance in your home, it’s common for the air conditioner to accumulate dirt over time. In addition to the dust giving the unit an ugly look, it also reduces the performance of the unit. For example, when dust accumulates in the condenser and evaporator coils, it forms a coating that reduces the ability of the unit to absorb and release heat into the surroundings.

For your unit to work in top condition, you should regularly clean it. You should clean the evaporator and condenser coils and any other part that might have accumulated dirt. Just like with lubrication, you should hire an AC company if you don’t have time to clean the appliance or you don’t have the necessary cleaning tools.

Replace the air filters

Air filters have a significant impact on the performance of the unit. They also affect the quality of air in the house. For your air conditioner to function optimally, you should replace the air filters when they get dirty. HVAC contractors recommend that you replace them once every 1-3 months. For a great experience, ensure that the filters are of excellent quality.

Adjust the thermostat

The thermostat determines the quality of air in your house. You should adjust it according to your needs. Unlike replacing the air filters, you don’t need to change it regularly—you can do it once a year. When undertaking the adjustments also remember to check the level of refrigerant and refill it if necessary.


These are some of the things that you should do to keep your air conditioner in top shape during the cooling season. To have an easy time, work with an experienced AC repair professional.

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HVAC Contractors: Issues That Can Come Up With Your Air Conditioner

hvac contractors

When you are using your air conditioner for the first time, there are many things that can go wrong. Some of these issues include:

Operational issues

These are issues that arise as you are using the air conditioner. According to HVAC contractors, the issues are due to ignorance or lack of knowledge. The most common problems are:

Keeping the air conditioner running all the time: Many homeowners leave their air conditioners running 24/7 during the hot weather (even at night) which is wrong. While you will maintain your house at low temperatures, keeping the air conditioner working all the time reduces the operational efficiency of the unit. Keeping your unit on all the time also reduces the lifespan of the air conditioner. To maintain your unit in top shape, you should consider switching it off when you aren’t in the house and at night.

Turning the thermostat too low: This is common when people are getting into the house after a long, hot day. Since they want to cool the house fast, they turn the thermostat too fast with the hope that the temperature will get low fast. This isn’t always the case. When you lower the thermostat settings too low, HVAC companies report that it results in high energy consumption.

Allowing air into the house: There is nothing wrong with letting outside air into the house but the problem arises when you allow a lot of it inside. When you do so, you lower the efficiency of the air conditioner as it has to always work at getting rid of the warm air. To avoid this, you should prevent a lot of hot air into the house by keeping the windows and doors closed all the time. Also, regularly inspect the ductwork and seal any leakages that might be there.

AC maintenance issues

Most homeowners know that they have to properly maintain their air conditioners for them to work efficiently and also last for a long time. Unfortunately, few of the homeowners know how to do it properly. One of the major maintenance issues is poor maintenance habits. The owners will maintain the units at irregular intervals, which often brings about problems.

To keep your unit in top shape, you should undertake proper air conditioner maintenance. During the maintenance, you should pay close attention to the fins, coils, filters, drains, fans, compressors, and any other units. For ideal results, work with reputable AC contractors.

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AC Repair: Signs It’s Time To Repair Your AC

AC repair

As I have mentioned on numerous occasions here, most homeowners ignore repairing their air conditioners until they are on their deathbeds. This not only results in them spending a lot of money on AC repair, but it also reduces the chances of the unit returning to its original condition. To be on the safe side, you should fix your appliance as soon as you notice the warning signs. Here are some of the signs you should be on the lookout for:


Your air conditioner shouldn’t give off any scent; therefore, when you notice any, it’s a sign that your unit has a problem. The smell of your air conditioner may mean that the wire insulation has burned or there is an electrical short. The problem may also be due to high resistance in the wiring. Unless you are an electrician, you should hire an AC expert to troubleshoot the unit.

Unusual noises

While the air conditioner makes some noises, they are usually unnoticeable. If you notice that your air conditioner is too noisy, there is a problem that you should have it checked as soon as possible. Rattling or growling noises are an indication of a broken fan belt, loose part, or defective motor. If there are clicking noises, the capacitor or relay may be trying to switch itself on. It’s common for the air conditioner to make running noises but it isn’t cooling. This is usually due to a failed condenser or low Freon levels.

You can try troubleshooting the problems if you have the necessary skills, but if you don’t have the skills, you should contact your local AC contractors to help you out.

Leaking fluids

While it’s common to have some water in your air conditioner due to condensation and evaporation cycles, the water shouldn’t be too much. If you notice water leaking from the inside or outside of your house, it’s an indication of a stopped coil drainage system. The problem is usually complicated to fix; thus you should leave it to a professional.

Ice forming on the condenser

If you are experiencing a lack of cold air in the house, it’s usually due to a blocked filter. When the flow of air is restricted, the cold air gets trapped in the system causing the unit to freeze up. Just like the leakage problem is complicated to fix, so is this. You shouldn’t try fixing it on your own—you should hire professional HVAC contractors to help you out.

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Guide To Energy Efficient Air Conditioning

energy efficient air conditioning

Every homeowner wants to experience energy efficient air conditioning. Most of the owners think that the only thing they need to do is buy an air conditioner with a high energy rating. Far from this. In addition to buying an energy efficient unit, there are many other things you need to do to save on your home heating. Some of the things you need to do include:

Fix the leaks in the air ducts

Whether you have a high or low-velocity central HVAC system, you need to check the ductwork for gaps and holes between the joints. The holes can come about due to improper installation or old age of the system. If you have the skills and time, you should do the work by yourself but if you have never done it before you should hire a contractor to help you out. Once you have identified the holes, you should use duct sealing tape to seal them. The sole reason of fixing the holes is to ensure that no heat gets lost when being transported to the different parts of the house.

Clean the condenser unit

The condenser unit is located on the outside of the house. Due to this, it’s exposed to leaves, twigs, and other types of debris. If you don’t clean it regularly dust and other debris might cover it causing a disruption of air flow. As a result, the fan motors may have to work harder to push air through the condenser coil. To prevent this, you should clear the debris and clean the condenser unit. To protect the coils from damage, you should hire an HVAC contractor to help you with the work.

Clean the air filters

You must have heard this gazillion times, but it’s true—you need to clean the air filters for your air conditioner to function optimally. Air filters trap dust and debris from getting into the house. If you stay for long without cleaning the filters, they get clogged, and your air conditioner starts overworking. As you know, an overworking air conditioner consumes a lot of energy which translates to a high energy bill. To lower your bill you should open your air conditioner and clean the air filters. If they are too old or too dirty, you should consider replacing them.


By doing the things I have mentioned above, you will have an energy efficient air conditioner that will not only save you money, but also give you peace of mind as you know it can’t  crush any time. For an easy time, work with a reputable HVAC company.

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