A Room Too Cold And A Room Too Hot – Your HVAC Doing The Same?


The way your HVAC is installed makes a lot of difference in the way it cools your house. That is why it is always advisable to use an efficient and experienced HVAC contractor. When you purchase a HVAC system, then its tonnage is decided based on the number of rooms and areas. AC ducts are so installed that each room gets equal air and the house is comfortable in general.

So what went wrong was it your contractors mistake, or is something that’s related to the system itself.

Checks for Your AC!

  • Check the Vents

The location of the vents at times is necessary for proper cooling. Make sure that they are not close to doors or windows. In such a case, it’s not the fault of the AC, it’s your HVAC contractor’s mistake; he didn’t analyze the situation properly.

It is also necessary that you keep an eye on the vents for dust. If your vents are dusty, then there is a good chance that the ducts would be dusty too and so can be the filter; the entire reason why the AC is not working properly.

  • The Fan Mode

Modern thermostats come with the function to switch the fan mode, that is, you can either keep it on ‘on’ or on ‘auto’ apart from other settings. If the HVAC is cooling unevenly, then it would be a good idea to switch the fan to ‘on’. The reason behind this is that on ‘auto’ the fan is working only as long as the main unit is, whereas in the ‘on’ mode, it runs continuously. When the house is big, all you need is circulation. So if you the fan keeps on running, then it will keep circulating the air to maintain an even temperature.

Making HVAC system distribution even

Those are something that you can check and determine to an extent what can be done about it to resolve. For other kind of solutions, you might have to look out for HVAC contractors.

  • Check the ducts

Get a trusted vendor to look at the ducts for any leaks or any damage. That can be one major reason why some rooms are cooling well whereas others aren’t. At times duct leaks are so meager that it is difficult to find them. A professional advice in such a case is always better.

  • Insulation

Unless there is a total absenteeism of insulation, only our HVAC serviceman can determine if more is required or not. Sometimes there is a leak in the insulation, or the insulation is not evenly laid out, in such situation also you will experience uneven HVAC cooling.

There are several HVAC repair and service contractors that can help you out if your house is not being cooled evenly. Before taking any corrective measures, with such expensive machinery, it is always good to consult experts.

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