HVAC Repair Tips


There is nothing better than enjoying winter inside your home where there is a warm temperature. However, heating your home on a chilly winter day can be expensive. The reason behind this is that heaters need a lot of electricity or gas, and if you use it for an extended period, it can cause energy bills to shoot up. Heaters are important components in homes. Heaters are convenient devices that offer localized and focused heat in homes.

However, the majority of people forget to check the efficiency because they always assume that the performance is optimal. If you need a heat pump repair, you can easily call them.

You Should Know the Age of Your System

A big part of a heater being energy efficient is age. The majority of residential heaters can last 15 to 20 years. Surprisingly, the heater’s efficiency might decline by about 5% every year. Regular maintenance is definitely helpful when it comes to keeping the system running efficiently, but it inevitably shows the heater’s age. You should think about your system’s age when considering if you have an energy-efficient heater.

AFUE Rating

The annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE) will measure how efficient the heater is in converting fuel into energy and it is recorded as a percentage. Heaters that have a higher AFUE rating are energy-efficient. For instance, a higher AFUE has a rating of 98 percent which means it only loses 2% of energy.

Homeowners living in temperate climates must buy a heater with at least an 80% AFUE rating.

Energy Star Program Certification

An Energy Star program is going to help customers choose cost-effective and eco-friendly appliances. Based on Energy Star requirements, gas or heater furnaces must have an 85% AFUE and at least 90%, respectively.

This way, you are going to save at least 20% on energy costs. A heating service will ensure that you can receive the highest possible ratings.

Check Your Bills

It is common for HVAC bills to fluctuate a little in different seasons. Therefore, it can be helpful if you want to compare the current bill using a bill from the same time last year. You should try to consider things like early cold snap or home upgrades when you look at this. if you see a large discrepancy, your heater efficiency could be down.

You Schedule Annual Inspections

You should schedule a yearly inspection to make sure that the heating system is properly maintained and remains efficient. Therefore, you should ensure that you hire a professional HVAC contractor so that these inspections can be conducted. Together with this, they can fix any issues in your heating system without any problem.

Higher Resale Value of Your Home

The home resale value of your home with energy-efficient heating is higher. A prospective buyer is going to prefer to buy a home using energy-efficient fixtures, as well as low energy costs. After you improve your heating, you can receive more bids and better property offers.

Works Nicely with Intelligent Thermostats

Heating systems that are using less energy perform better with smart thermostats. When you install a smart thermostat, you can track real-time information so you can modify the thermostat when you are away from home and you can look at automated energy efficiency reports.

Better Insulation

The space you want to heat up can improve the energy efficiency of the heater by up to 95% and it is among the prime upgrades you can make.

You can check heat pump repair services Falls Church anytime if you have to. Keep in mind that proper maintenance extends the life of your HVAC.




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