HVAC Repair Tips


While many homeowners want to keep their houses cool during the hot season, their biggest worry is how much money they will spend on their air conditioners.

While the amount can sometimes be a lot, it doesn’t have to be the case with you. To help you out, here are tips given by HVAC contractors on how to save energy when you are air conditioning:

Keep the air conditioner low at night

At night you are covered; therefore, you don’t need the same level of conscious cool. You should try turning the air conditioner down so that it runs less. If you have a modern unit with the sleep mode, you should switch it on.

The mode lowers the output on the timer thus your air conditioner functions lower than it normally does. As a consequence, you save a lot of money.

Close the air conditioner vents

If your air conditioner uses vents to distribute the cool air, you should consider closing them off. For ideal results, you should close the vents in the lower part of the house. When you do this, you force the air to go up first thus cooling the house as it comes down.

Run the air conditioner at 78 degrees

78 degrees is the optimal performance level of the air conditioner. According to AC professionals, at this point, the air conditioner doesn’t work too hard or too slowly. As a result, it consumes constant energy.

Make use of portable air conditioners

If you have a large house, you most likely don’t use all the rooms. Due to this, why spend a lot of money cooling the areas of the house that you aren’t using? To save money, you should make use of portable air conditioners. These are small units that you carry around the house and place them in the rooms that you are interested in.

Keep your air conditioner in top shape

Regardless of the measures you put in place to save energy, there is no way that you will make great strides if your air conditioner is in bad shape. Remember that a poorly maintained unit works harder than it should which results in it spending a lot of energy.

One of the things that you should do is AC tune-up. Here you need to hire an AC repair at least once a year to inspect your appliance and fix any issues it might be having.