HVAC Repair Tips


Are you aware that home heating and cooling causes half of your household’s energy consumption? So, if your typical energy bill is $1500, the $750 is from the HVAC alone. It could also go higher if the heater or cooler is already working inefficiently. If you do not want your HVAC to completely break down, you can call furnace repair services. That means you will be heatless on cold days, and if this happens, you would want to contact professionals immediately.

When the room is too cold, it is uncomfortable and has adverse effects on your health. Thankfully, there are several heating repair options that start with simple DIY fixes. You can read on to know more.

Turn off the Gas

This rule is only applicable to people who have a gas furnace, but it is important. If you need gas for heat, you should turn off the gas right away when the heater fails. The heater might be failing because of a valve malfunction or gas leak. You will not be happy about gas leaking in your home, where you can experience breathing problems or it can cause a fire. If you want to turn off the gas, look for the main service valve. Rotate it crosswise towards the pipe to shut off the gas.

Check the Thermostat

A thermostat inside the cooling and heating system of your home is able to control and sense temperature. Consider it to be the brain of an HVAC system – it will tell your unit to provide cooled or heated air. After that, when the temperature has reached the level you want, it will tell the unit to stop cooling or heating.

You must check the thermostat because it causes most of the HVAC problems. The issue can be more than just a dead or bad battery. It could also be that someone has switched the controls.

Stay Warm

During the daytime, you should open all the curtains or blinds. The sun is helpful in keeping you warm. This is also an excellent time to turn on the self-clean function. There is a small box that can heat up the house when you set it to 500 degrees. If you did not do that yet, you should block drafts with weather stripping, hanging blankets, or draft snakes.

If you have a fireplace, you should light a fire until the heating repair professional arrives. When you take a hot bath, you will also feel warm. You can put on several layers of clothing to stay warm.

Keep the Doors and Windows Closed

If you had exterior or window doors closed when the heat is out, you should close them now. Until the heating repair professionals come, you must trap existing heat in the house. If you have heavy drapes, you should pull them over the windows so you can help block drafts. When the sun shines directly on your window, you could discover that opening drapes allow some heat into your home. You might want to adjust the interior doors. If you have not used other parts of your house, you should go ahead and shut the doors. This is going to help your body heat, as well as other sources trapped in different areas of your home.

Inspect the Circuit Breaker

Your circuit breaker might have tripped if the thermostat suddenly shuts down. A power outage could have triggered the breaker to shut off automatically.

You would want to switch the breaker “on” to restore the power.

You can talk to heat pump repair Arlington if you need professionals to check your HVAC.


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