HVAC Repair Tips


Even if your air conditioner and furnace are in great condition, your HVAC system is not going to give you the results you want if it cannot effectively circulate air. Low airflow could seem like a simple problem, but it can actually happen because of various problems in the system. You cannot discover common causes of poor HVAC airflow all on your own, and air conditioner repair services can help you out. However, you should also know the signs to watch out for if you want to keep the HVAC airflow excellent.

If you want to know what these signs are and determine when you need to call professionals, you can read this article until the end.

Dirty Furnace Filters

This is friction. The filter furnace thickness can be considered when the ductwork is designed and there is a set fan speed. If there is increased thickness because there is a dirty filter, it will change the moving air pressure, which restricts it and causes inadequate air distribution.

Today, indoor air quality is discussed. Furnace filters are a huge part of the conversation. They have MERV ratings ranging from 1 to 16. With a higher MERV rating on your filter, there are lower dust particles and other contaminants that will pass through it. The MERV scale will represent the worst possible performance of a filter when it comes to removing particles.

The Condenser Unit is Obstructed

Air-cooled air conditioner systems come with a condensing unit, normally located outside the mechanical room. The outdoor units can normally become obstructed because of debris and leaves that have accumulated around your HVAC unit.

Your main goal is to improve HVAC airflow, and it should be clear around the AC unit.

Damaged Duct

If the vent registers are not the problem, the conditioned air in the HVAC system could be lost or blocked before it reaches the destination. Duct leaks are among the largest sources of wasted energy. Averagely, 20 to 30% of cooled and heated air will escape through the duct leaks. In some cases, a crimped, dented, or undersized ductwork section could create a bottleneck that restricts airflow.

Since most duct problems happen behind the walls, you do not have an easy way of getting a complete picture of the ductwork’s health on your own.

Outdated Components

If your home was just remodeled without considering the HVAC design of the HVAC unit, it can be the wrong size for your home. Your system could be inefficient. If the unit is too large for the building, it can cause the unit to be inefficient while leaving too much air humidity, which makes your home feel stuffy. When the unit is too small, it might not be able to properly cool a home, which results in higher electric bills and warmer temperatures inside. It is suggested that you contact an HVAC repair service to make sure your unit has the right size for your business or home.

Dirty Coils

The air conditioner condenser coil has an important job to do: you should release the heat that has been removed from the space.

Since it is in the outdoor unit and exposed to elements, the coil could get so dirty that it is unable to release heat. Then your unit needs to work harder to cool the space. The result can be HVAC airflow issues. That is one reason you should never neglect, which is why you need to regularly clean your coils and not only when there could be an issue.

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