HVAC Repair Tips


Proper maintenance of your HVAC unit is crucial and it is an excellent way to get rid of allergens inside the home. The new allergens will be kept from entering the air, while you and your family breathe.

Having allergies or asthma is not easy, which is why it would be good to pay for heat pump repair when necessary. The common allergens are mols, pet dander, pollen, dust mites, and cockroach droppings. Paying for good quality HVAC systems air filters could help you with these because they are mainly for trapping most allergens. The truth is, you can invest in a good HVAC accessory and system to boost the air quality in your home. Learn more about it now.

Buy Top-Quality Filters

The best way for the air quality in your home to improve is by using air filters. The filters can be measured by particle filtration. The one with the highest MERV rating is 20. However, if it is allergy season, a MERV rating of 8 is more helpful. Their efficiency is higher when you are attempting to trap smaller particles. Keep in mind that you should not forget to change air filters every 3 months. In case you have pets or you start having issues with dampness and mold with the filters, they should be changed more often.

Clean the Outdoor Unit

After some time, the outside unit will collect high amounts of debris and dust particles that easily filtrate inside the home causing allergy symptoms. In order to prevent this, make sure that you are frequently cleaning the outdoor unit so that you can avoid unwanted allergens that contaminate the air. Vacuuming or sweeping around the outdoor unit ensures effectiveness.

Make Sure that the Air Duct is Clean all the Time

Similar to the nasal passageway in your nose, air ducts are passages or conduits for heating, air conditioning, and ventilation to remove and deliver air. These airflows supply air, return the air, and exhaust air that can commonly deliver ventilation. In case the allergens enter air ducts, they are released through those vents and into the air. Most of the time, you will not notice it so it is important to call professionals to check them.

Good Humidity Control

Cleaning the air ducts and making sure the size of your HVAC can help control humidity in your home should be a priority. However, there are times when even cooling the home adequately causes humidity issues. This happens when the cool and conditioned air can meet the warm air in your home. When it is humid, there is a chance of mold growth. This issue is common, which is the reason why a lot of HVAC systems have a dehumidifying process. In case yours will not do the same, maybe buying a dehumidifier can help reduce allergens in your home, especially when considering mold.

Replace Filters Frequently

Filters can absorb almost everything that comes your way. When you switch out air filters consistently, you are lowering the possibility of indoor allergens that fly around the air. Swapping filters every 3 months should be enough. If you own pets, you should change filters every 2 months to prevent hair and dander.

Schedule a Maintenance Appointment

There are homeowners who are unaware that the air system normally requires a regular visit from repairmen. Most of the time, maintenance appointments can reduce allergens that can go inside your home. The maintenance appointments can fix issues within your system before they turn into major problems.

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