HVAC Repair Tips


Everyone has entered a basement at some point in their lives that smelled damp and there is a musty odor. The main cause of it is too much humidity. Excessive humidity is normally experienced in the summer, and that can be very uncomfortable for anyone. Hence, you should do what you can to control it.

The common misconception is that people think humid air is heavier compared to non-humid air. It is really lighter. As humidity rises, steam rises from the pot of boiling water. In case you are unable to control humidity in your basement, you might need to contact a heating service repair. You should not wait until humidity transfers into the wooden subfloor, which goes up through your carpet. After that, it will continue upward through the first floor.

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Look for Leaks if the Air is Dry

Generally, drier air is a sign that your home could have air leaks, and overly humid air can indicate that it is too airtight. From an energy standpoint, if you have to use the humidifier a lot, it is an indication that there is an opportunity to airtight your house.

If you want to know about how airtight your home is and when you can secure leaks, you can do a blower door test.

Install a Better HVAC System

Air conditioning units not only cool down the air in your home, but they are also good at removing humidity and moisture. You need to make sure that the unit you installed is the right size for the square footage of your property. If it is too small, you will not get the level of comfort you are looking for and feel cool.

Upgrade Indoors and Windows

It is always an excellent idea to use caulking and weatherstripping around the windows and doors so your home is kept sealed properly. If your doors have an old exterior with huge gaps at the bottom, you can try draft stoppers under the doors as well.

You can consider upgrading your doors and windows to lessen air leakage. You should look for doors, windows, and even skylights that have an ENERGY STAR certification so you will get the most savings and comfort. The windows have to be certified, which can help you save 8% on your energy bills. In addition, windows that have an ENERGY STAR are 40% more energy efficient compared to standard window models. You should also make sure that they are properly installed by a contractor.

Get Rid of High Humidity

If you have high humidity and it is bothering you, there are also a couple of options for you as well. You first have to install a dehumidifier, which exactly operates like a reversed humidifier that sucks water from the air. These are great solutions for smaller spaces, but you will have to remember to empty the tank when it gets full. The majority of systems give you a warning light to let you know when you should do this.

Aside from the humidity levels outside, activities such as stovetop cooking greatly contribute to higher levels of humidity. To reduce these levels, you can run the ventilation fan in your kitchen and then cover the cooking pots on your stove to prevent steam transfer into the air. It is the same for steamy and long showers, which is why you should try to keep steam production to a minimum as you take cooler and shorter showers while using an exhaust fan to eliminate steam.

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